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Subtle energetic body

by the light of the… super pink moon!

The first full moon of Spring has arrived, along with the blossoms, buds and birdsong that typify this time of awakening. The 2020 ‘Pink Moon’ (named after the colour of the ‘phlox sublata’ wildflowers which bloom in eastern North America at this time) is also a ‘supermoon’, which means it looks bigger and brighter than usual. So what does it all mean for you and your yoga practice?

full hunter's moon

the full hunter’s moon

The October Hunter’s Moon is upon us – it’ll be at its fullest as the sun goes down on Wednesday 24th October 2018, at 17.45 GMT. There’s nothing notable about this moon – it’s not ‘super’, or blood red, and there’ll be no lunar eclipse. But most people would agree that all full moons feel special somehow, and this one is no exception…

best yoga mat for rolling up children!

the search for the best yoga mat…

There comes a time in every yoga practitioner’s life, when a new mat is in order and the search for the ‘best yoga mat’ begins. It’s quite a bold quest – a mark of a person’s commitment to their practice. We might even go as far as saying that the acquisition of a new yoga mat is a very physical expression of a ‘sankalpa’…

The 21-day plank challenge is for everyone!

the 2018 Peacock Tree plank challenge is here!

Whether you’re a new student with Peacock Tree Yoga or a veteran, we’d love you to join in with our Peacock Tree Plank Challenge! Over 21 days, you’ll build yourself up to a three-minute plank, using the variation that suits you best.

full hunter's moon

by the light of the….super blood blue moon!

Something big and special is in our midst, according to the world’s astronomers and astrologers. You might even have seen one of the many online articles about it – ‘it’ being the January 2018 Super Blood Blue Moon. This full moon, we’re told, is a rare one – nothing like it has been seen since 1866!