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yoga for improvers

flow with more confidence in our improvers yoga classes

improvers yoga classes | Tuesdays 7.45 – 9pm | Woodthorpe Yoga Studio

Our imaginative improvers yoga classes in York feature flowing sequences that energise your body and mind. 

If you’ve been with Peacock Tree for a few months (maybe you’ve completed our 12-week beginners course) or already have some experience with yoga, you’ll progress with confidence in these lively sessions.

You’ll enjoy an improvers class if you can:

  • understand primary postures and flow with relative confidence
  • move through a sun salutation
  • hold a shoulder stand for around 30 seconds (or your modified version) 

Our improvers yoga classes are filled with enthusiasm and focus, building on the fundamentals of breathwork, posture, flow and alignment. They are that bit stronger and faster than our beginners yoga classes. They are also 15 minutes longer to include more content and push you further, so you continue to grow and develop your practice.

You’ll be given options to make poses more challenging, and we also include some advanced postures should you feel like trying them out. It’s your class, so you go at the pace that feels right for you on the day. That might change from week to week. Listen to your body and modify as you need to. Your yoga teacher will always be there to guide you to the poses that will help you in that moment.

Come along and try a free class to feel the benefits for yourself.

your new home of yoga in York

Peacock Tree is centred around helping you to enhance your wellbeing. Our improvers yoga classes are a wonderful way to dedicate time to yourself. 

By setting an intention to show up to class each week, you’ll be continually progressing and working towards your fitness goals. Consistency is where the magic lies – the more you move your body, the more it responds.

Our classes are unique in that we believe in honouring the seasons and how you feel on the day. We’re cyclical beings – and we find flowing with the seasons is the best way to practise yoga. It also helps you grow and flourish in other areas of your life. By understanding what is significant at each time of year, you’ll live in harmony with your natural rhythm.

give a dynamic class a go…

dynamic yoga classes | Mondays 9.30 – 10.30am | Holgate Yoga Studio

If you’re feeling particularly energetic or brave one week, you may feel like swapping your improvers class for a dynamic class. Held at our Holgate Yoga Studio on Monday mornings, they’re a fantastic start to the week.

These classes really get you moving, with fluid sequences that stretch and strengthen your muscles. They’re fairly challenging, but there are always options for you to modify any postures or movements that feel too intense on the day.

what our students say…

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“first time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years”


First time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years!

Ian Woods, 56, Consultant Anaesthetist



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“I needed to look no further”


When I moved York, I tried 4 different classes – when I started Peacock Tree Yoga’s Gentle Hatha class I knew I needed to look no further!

Pat Hender, 74, Counsellor



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“I was a bit skeptical”


As a bloke, I was a bit skeptical to try yoga, but after my first lesson those thoughts vanished. It’s brilliant.

Ryan Hoey, 20, Student



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“I lost over a stone”


I lost over a stone in a year and the only thing I did differently was Peacock Tree yoga. I love it.


Sue Coe, 45, Customer Service Representative


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“I feel so different after a class”


Thank you very much for allowing me to join you,  I do  enjoy it soooo much both mentally and physically… I feel so different after I’ve done a class, it’s wonderful.

 Paula Longbone



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“sharing your knowledge”


I had a great experience on Thursday night.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful voice, calmness and devotion.

Ming Wang – HGH Accountants



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“wonderful uplifting energy”

  Thanks for a beautiful class this eve. It felt very special. And a huge thank you for your positive energy. Even when doing so much day to day you still bring the most wonderful uplifting energy.

Lauren Barry



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“an hour’s pleasure”


For me, each Monday you bring an hour’s pleasure (and much needed  exercise) and such a ray of Sunshine too!

Jack Marchbank


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“a sense of community”

  I always love the insight and knowledge you share.  You have a joyful and patient perspective in a very confusing daily routine for me. The thing above all that Peacock Tree yoga has given me is a sense of community, knowing that I gain insights from you and being able to connect to others in the world outside of my family and immediate friends.

Debs Whitwell


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“stepping out of the maelstrom”


Doing yoga with you is like stepping out of the maelstrom and having some tranquillity, not having to think about it all for an hour. It’s refreshing and revitalising.

Heather Walsh


see you on the mat!

Come along and try an improvers or dynamic yoga class for free. Choose your class and get in touch to start your Peacock Tree Yoga journey today.