find your calm

strengthen your body, find your focus and feel better than ever

fun classes with great energy and atmosphere

students always look forward to their yoga practice

Lilley Harvey

"Lilley Harvey is a superb and dedicated teacher.
For a first timer such as myself, her warmth and gentle
spirit were the key to an enjoyable yoga experience".
Nicholas King, 36, Artist

free trial class

come along and experience a complimentary yoga class

encouraging continual growth and progression

with 4 levels of classes - there's always a new challenge

a welcoming atmosphere for all ages and abilities

never too old, never too stiff - that's what yoga's for
and now is the perfect time to start . . .

develop phenomenal core strength

to help you get through life's ups and downs

naturally alleviate your back pain

enjoy the freedom of a supple, agile spine

Peacock Tree Yoga
focus - flexibility - strength



Mindful & Inspired Yoga in York



Peacock Tree Yoga York teacher assisting a student

Led by Lilley Harvey, we are a small team teaching progressive hatha yoga in York to develop focus, flexibility and strength.

We have live in-person and online classes, and a whole library of recorded classes, that are suitable for all ages and abilities.


Peacock Tree Yoga in York - Scorpion pose

A regular yoga practice can offer:

  • a leaner, toned, more flexible body
  • improved stamina and sports performance
  • relaxation and stress relief
  • mental calm and clarity
  • relief from chronic pain


Peacock Tree Yoga class in Acomb

At Peacock Tree Yoga, we encourage you to commit to your own transformation through the practice of yoga.

Take the first step now so you can experience the joy of living in a strong, supple body with a clear and focused mind.


See us in action!

Watch this short clip of a class to see what kind of thing we get up to.