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Join our Yoga Classes In York – feel flexible, focused & strong, so you can take on the week

Our yoga classes in York are filled with a vibrant energy and dynamic rhythm that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. Whether you’re looking for beginners yoga, gentle hatha yoga, intermediate sessions or a seasonal workshop, everything is designed to meet you where you’re at.

A regular yoga practice creates a ripple effect, leading to a strong body, calm mind, open heart and long, purpose-filled life.

As York’s only yoga membership provider, we encourage continual progression. By committing to a regular yoga practice, you’ll develop on and off the mat:

  • improve your stamina and fitness 
  • enjoy a stronger, more flexible body
  • receive guidance from our trained yoga teachers
  • feel a sense of calmness and clarity
  • experience relief from chronic pain
  • discover mindfulness techniques for life

Take the first step now and sign up for a free yoga class.

yoga classes in york

what our students say…

Over the last 16 years, we’ve helped thousands of yoga students on their new path of fitness, flexibility and strength. They tell us that coming to Peacock Tree Yoga is the best part of their day.

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“first time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years”


First time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years!

Ian Woods, 56, Consultant Anaesthetist



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“I needed to look no further”


When I moved York, I tried 4 different classes – when I started Peacock Tree Yoga’s Gentle Hatha class I knew I needed to look no further!

Pat Hender, 74, Counsellor



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“I was a bit skeptical”


As a bloke, I was a bit skeptical to try yoga, but after my first lesson those thoughts vanished. It’s brilliant.

Ryan Hoey, 20, Student



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“I lost over a stone”


I lost over a stone in a year and the only thing I did differently was Peacock Tree yoga. I love it.


Sue Coe, 45, Customer Service Representative


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“I feel so different after a class”


Thank you very much for allowing me to join you,  I do  enjoy it soooo much both mentally and physically… I feel so different after I’ve done a class, it’s wonderful.

 Paula Longbone



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“sharing your knowledge”


I had a great experience on Thursday night.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful voice, calmness and devotion.

Ming Wang – HGH Accountants



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“wonderful uplifting energy”

  Thanks for a beautiful class this eve. It felt very special. And a huge thank you for your positive energy. Even when doing so much day to day you still bring the most wonderful uplifting energy.

Lauren Barry



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“an hour’s pleasure”


For me, each Monday you bring an hour’s pleasure (and much needed  exercise) and such a ray of Sunshine too!

Jack Marchbank


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“a sense of community”

  I always love the insight and knowledge you share.  You have a joyful and patient perspective in a very confusing daily routine for me. The thing above all that Peacock Tree yoga has given me is a sense of community, knowing that I gain insights from you and being able to connect to others in the world outside of my family and immediate friends.

Debs Whitwell


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“stepping out of the maelstrom”


Doing yoga with you is like stepping out of the maelstrom and having some tranquillity, not having to think about it all for an hour. It’s refreshing and revitalising.

Heather Walsh


Being consistent is where the real magic happens. As York’s primary provider of yoga membership, we believe in continual growth. By committing to a weekly class, you’re also committing to your physical and mental wellbeing goals. After you see and feel your progress, you’ll look forward to returning to the mat week after week.

We welcome over 100 students of all abilities each week to our two warm and spacious yoga studios in Woodthorpe and Holgate. We offer a range of inspiring classes for all levels, including our 12-week beginners coursegentle hatha classesimprovers and intermediate yoga classes and a variety of live and pre-recorded online sessions. We also run pioneering seasonal workshops and inspirational annual retreats when you want to deepen your practice.

Whatever level they’re pitched at, our yoga practices move with a dynamic pace that uplifts everyone in the room.

york yoga classes

watch us in action…

see you on the mat!

Join us for a free trial class at one of our York yoga studios in Woodthorpe or Holgate and experience Peacock Tree for yourself.