Yoga for Beginners *New 12 Week Course*

Book Now For A Free Trial Class – Tuesday 27th September 7:15pm – 8:30pm

We start the 12 week Course on the  4th October – 3rd January 2023.  The cost is £120

“A welcoming & friendly place to practise Yoga, Lilley & her team are fab! I am 6 weeks into my Yoga Journey – I was a Yoga virgin, with zero flexibility & balance and I am now experiencing improvements in both areas, plus the added benefit of feeling stronger in mind, body and spirit.” Mark Davies. 

How do you want to feel by Christmas 2022? Do you want to be living in a strong healthy body with a clam mind? A regular yoga practice is proven to increase strength and flexibility and relax your mind.

We have all bee living through the strangest of times. Never before has a personal yoga practice been so essential to our wellbeing. Sign up today, so that whatever happens in the world, you’ll be physically and mentally better equipped to deal with it. Remember your health is your responsibility, if you’ve been thinking about yoga for ages, then do it now.

Our yoga for beginners classes are a thorough, step by step, confidence-building, strength-building introduction to yoga that can gently begin to change your life. We’ve been developing this course for well over a decade, and it it has earned us a first-rate reputation.

Our yoga for beginners classes take place at our beautiful, spacious Woodthorpe venue, in York. Email us at, to book in for a complimentary trial lesson. In the email tell us the 3 things you wish to gain from a yoga programme us and how long you’ve been thinking about starting yoga.

Over the course of the term, you will learn:

  • Sun Salutations – the ideal way to prepare the body for the day
  • Pranayama – controlling your breath to energise the body and still the mind
  • Confidence in the alignment of the basic postures
  • Shoulderstand – preparation for holding your first inversion
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mindful eating
  • How to create a personal practice to take anywhere
  • Also included is our library so you can chose a sequence and practise whenever you like
  • Our Monday 7am 20min online Rise & Shine class is also included, to help you establish a daily practice

Decide and commit, don’t be wishy washy!

We encourage you to try yoga for the complete programme. Give it a proper shot.  12 weeks is a good amount of time to really feel the benefits. We also have a wonderful online 20 minute early morning class on at Mondays 7am – that you are encouraged to join. 

You have to be practical. Some students come to class having not stretched in years, expecting to sit comfortably in lotus by week 3 – it just doesn’t happen like that. You wouldn’t expect to sit down at a piano and play a concerto after 3 weeks – yoga is a practice, like practising a musical instrument; the more consistent and committed you are, the more your body will respond and soon you’ll begin to feel the joys of living in strong, flexible body with an agile spine and a quiet mind.

What will I get out of the Yoga for Beginners Class?

Before long, you’ll be doing classes much like the one in the time lapse video below – but not quite so fast! Head over to our testimonials page if you want to hear from a few of our beginner yoga students, or keep scrolling and you’ll find a 30-minute Yoga for Beginners class that you can do right now, as well as more details about what you can expect from our Yoga for Beginners course.

divider30-minute Yoga for beginners class – go on, give it a go!

Our Style

We teach hatha yoga in our beginner classes, and this style unpins many of our other classes too. To ensure constant progression and interest for our students, we offer a variety of classes to suit various levels. Our style would best be described as ‘hatha flow’. We teach flowing sequences, which fit with the time of year and with the different physical aspects we’re working on.

asana-CHARTThe Sun Salutations are the foundation of our beginner, improver and intermediate yoga classes, and are followed by variations of the 12 posture Sivananda Sequence.

Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskara

  • Headstand – Sirshasana
  • Shoulderstand – Sarvangasana
  • Plough – Halasana
  • Fish – Matsyasana
  • Seated Forward Bend – Paschimothanasa
  • Cobra – Bhujangasana
  • Locust – Salabhasana
  • Bow – Dhanurasana
  • Seated Twist – Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Crow – Kakasana
  • Standing Forward Bend – Pada Hasthasana
  • Triangle – Trikonasana


Yoga & efficiency

Yoga gives you time. Yoga is a moving meditation, a mindfulness practice; we concentrate on the postures and the breath. Over the period of a class, as we stretch and strengthen our bodies, we soothe our mind in the process. The mind then becomes expansive and creative. Our students often report that they sleep much better and that they work far more efficiently when they practise yoga regularly.

You can read more about what our students have to say about Peacock Tree Yoga on our Google page, and you’ll find some short films of some of our past beginner students on the Testimonials page of this site.

Moving on up…

Once you’re confident and competent in the basic postures you’ll be encouraged to attend an Improver level class, where we begin to work on some of the stronger postures – headstands and handstands etc.

Peacock Tree Yoga for Beginners York

Still got some burning questions? Maybe you’ll find the answers in this handy Q&A, or on our Yoga Etiquette page. You can always contact us direct, too – all the contact details are below.