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about Peacock Tree Yoga

unlocking a healthier, happier you

Escape your stresses and strains and discover deeper inner peace and tranquillity. Leaving the world outside the door, you’ll feel stronger, both in body and mind. Experience improved mental health by reducing anxiety and tension and letting the soothing balm of yoga ease life’s challenges. 

Positioning yourself in a place where the answers come, you’ll feel connected and mindful, leaving you more resilient, focused and better equipped to face the world. 

Adding years to your life, and life to your years, you’ll feel healthier, stronger and more flexible. A regular practice is well-known to reduce the risk of injury or help accelerate any healing. Students tell us that they experience increased energy, vitality and fitness, along with deeper, more restorative sleep. 

At Peacock Tree Yoga, you’ll make friends, connect with your community and savour the time you spend on yourself.

commit to Peacock Tree membership…

Being consistent is where the real magic happens. As the city’s primary provider of yoga membership, we believe in continual growth. By committing to a weekly class, you’re also committing to your physical and mental wellbeing goals. After you see and feel your progress, you’ll look forward to returning to the mat week after week.

We welcome over 100 students of all abilities each week to our two warm and spacious yoga studios in Woodthorpe and Holgate. We offer a range of inspiring classes for all levels, including our 12-week beginners course, gentle hatha classes, improvers and intermediate yoga classes and a variety of live and pre-recorded online sessions. We also run pioneering seasonal workshops and inspirational annual retreats when you want to deepen your practice.

Whatever level they’re pitched at, our yoga practices move with a dynamic pace that uplifts everyone in the room.

guidance & support from your team of motivational yoga teachers…

We’re one of the longest-established yoga studios in York. Our vibrant school was founded in 2010 by innovative and imaginative yoga teacher, Lilley Harvey. Lilley’s extraordinary zest for life can be felt right across Peacock Tree Yoga.

Her dedication and commitment to her students and teachers has seen our wonderful community go from strength to strength, growing year after year. We now have a dedicated team of seven talented yoga teachers, who will guide you on your transformational journey.

become part of our thoughtful, connected wellness community…

We cherish our students and yoga teachers. They are the life of our community. Our support doesn’t stop when you leave the studio. We regularly send messages to celebrate your wins on and off the mat and keep in touch with what is going on in your life.

Students tell us time and time again that coming to a Peacock Tree Yoga class is the best part of their day. If they do miss a session (because we understand life happens), they notice the difference in the way they feel and how that affects the way they show up during the rest of their week. 

move with the seasons of the year & of your life…

Our approach to yoga is unique, with two key elements. The first is that we believe in honouring how you feel each and every time you arrive on the mat. The second is our distinctive method of moving with the seasons. As nature changes, our postures and focus change too.

Your practice is for you, and you bring a different mind and body each time you come to class. You’ll be encouraged to move in a way that feels right for you that day. All our sessions provide modifications, or you can choose a different session that week. Even our most advanced students like to take a beginners yoga class when they’re craving gentler movements.  

Flowing with the seasons is an important part of how we grow and flourish in our practice and as people. We learn something new at different times of the year. By moving this way, you’ll find you’re in harmony with your natural rhythm.

see you on the mat!

Start your transformational yoga journey today with Peacock Tree. Come and try your first class completely free, before committing to the membership that’s right for you.