“Saying you’re too inflexible to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath!”

Feeling inflexible, weak and stressed are all reasons to practice yoga, not to delay starting!

Yoga makes you supple. Yoga makes you strong. Yoga calms your mind.

Join our yoga classes in York and you can enjoy these benefits!


Yoga classes in York. 29. Peacock Yoga © Sam Stricklandnew students

Our new students enroll with us because they want to make a change. They often feel tired, stressed, overweight, weak and stiff. Many have been living with back problems for years, most have tight shoulders and hips.

increased sports performance

We also have many students who come to our York yoga classes to cross train. They already enjoy good fitness levels but need that extra flexibility to enhance their performance in other sporting arenas. We have a several marathon runners, martial artists, climbers, canoeists, iron men and tri-athletes.


Every student enjoys the calming benefits of a yoga practice. Students often arrive tense, fatigued and fed up from their busy day. All leave feeling warm, stretched and soothed – enjoying the blissful sense of calm that comes at the end of a practice.

“we never regret a practice, we only ever regret not practising”




our style

We teach hatha yoga. To ensure constant progression and interest for our students, we teach four different class levels. Our style would best be described as ‘hatha flow’. We teach flowing sequences, which fit with the time of year and with the different physical aspects we’re working on.

asana-CHARTThe Sun Salutations are the foundation of our beginner, improver and intermediate yoga classes, and are followed by variations of the 12 posture Sivananda Sequence.

Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskara

  • Headstand – Sirshasana
  • Shoulderstand – Sarvangasana
  • Plough – Halasana
  • Fish – Matsyasana
  • Seated Forward Bend – Paschimothanasa
  • Cobra – Bhujangasana
  • Locust – Salabhasana
  • Bow – Dhanurasana
  • Seated Twist – Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Crow – Kakasana
  • Standing Forward Bend – Pada Hasthasana
  • Triangle – Trikonasana




beginner yoga classes

Our beginner courses are designed to build the students confidence with their yoga practice. They take the absolute beginner through the ‘foundation’ course, which ensures the student understands the fundamentals of breath, flow, posture and alignment. Click here for more info about our beginner yoga classes in York.

improver yoga classes

At an improver level, our students have often been with us for a few months, or have some yoga experience already. We really pick up the pace and students enjoy a more dynamic practice. Our improver students are confident practising sun salutations on their own and can hold a shoulder stand for at least 30 seconds. We teach improver classes on Monday evenings (6.30 – 7.30) and Tuesday evenings (8.15 – 9.30). Our Monday morning Dynamic yoga classes (9.30 – 10.30) are also suitable for Improver students.

intermediate yoga classes

Our intermediate classes are strong and pace-wise go at a fair lick. Most students can confidently hold a headstand for 30 seconds and we work on deeper variations of back bending, including full wheel. Our opening sequences are dynamic– including many ashtanga-like patterns and postures. Our intermediate class is on Wednesdays from 8 – 9.15pm.

ashtanga fusion

Our ‘ashtanga fusion’ classes (Mondays, 7.45 – 9.00pm) are based on a shortened form of the ashtanga primary sequence.

Ashtanga yoga dates back to the teachings of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (1888-1989). Students work through a set of postures in a specific order, linking each one with a short sequence known as a vinyasa. It is an extremely vigorous style of yoga, which promotes great heat in the body.

Students need to have a high level of fitness. The result of dedication to the ashtanga practice is a light and strong body and a calm mind.