“Saying you’re too inflexible to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath!”

Feeling inflexible, weak and stressed are all reasons to practice yoga, not to delay starting!

Yoga makes you supple. Yoga makes you strong. Yoga calms your mind.

Join our yoga classes in York and you can enjoy these benefits!


Yoga classes in York. 29. Peacock Yoga © Sam Stricklandnew students

Our new students enroll with us because they want to make a change. They often feel tired, stressed, overweight, weak and stiff. Many have been living with back problems for years, most have tight shoulders and hips.

increased sports performance

We also have many students who come to our yoga classes to cross train. They already enjoy good fitness levels but need that extra flexibility to enhance their performance in other sporting arenas. We have a several marathon runners, martial artists, climbers, canoeists, iron men and tri-athletes.


Every student enjoys the calming benefits of a yoga practice. Students often arrive tense, fatigued and fed up from their busy day. All leave feeling warm, stretched and soothed – enjoying the blissful sense of calm that comes at the end of a practice.

“We never regret a practice, we only ever regret not practising”




classes for all levels

We’ve created a timetable that’s designed to support you throughout the week, with online and in-person classes aimed at specific levels of ability, as well as classes that everyone can take part in. We also upload all our online classes to a library, which our students can access at any time – meaning you can do as much yoga with us as you like!

Check below to see which classes are suitable for your level of ability and what you can expect from each one, then head over to our fees page to find out about which membership level would be best for you.


  • rise & shine  Mondays, 7 – 7.20am, ONLINE
  • gentle hatha  Mondays, 11 – 12pm, IN-PERSON (HOLGATE)
  • beginners  Tuesdays, 7.15 – 8.30pm, IN-PERSON (WOODTHORPE)
  • Plus unlimited access to our online library of classes


  • rise & shine  Mondays, 7 – 7.20am, ONLINE
  • dynamic  Mondays, 9.30 – 10.30am, IN-PERSON (HOLGATE)
  • improvers  Wednesdays, 8 – 9.15pm, IN-PERSON (WOODTHORPE)
  • Plus unlimited access to our online library of classes (and either of our ashtanga classes, for anyone feeling brave!)


  • rise & shine  Mondays, 7 – 7.20am, ONLINE
  • dynamic  Mondays, 9.30 – 10.30am, IN-PERSON (HOLGATE)
  • ashtanga fusion  Mondays, 7.30 – 8.45pm, ONLINE
  • improvers+  Wednesdays, 8 – 9.15pm, IN-PERSON (WOODTHORPE)
  • ashtanga express  Fridays, 7 – 7.30am, ONLINE
  • Plus unlimited access to our online library of classes

rise & shine

A perfectly timed and wholly accessible ‘droplet’ of yoga designed to set you up for a stellar week, this class comprises all the fundamental components of a class – pranayama (breathing exercises), sun salutations, posture work, and meditation. Open to all levels, including complete beginners, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for the Peacock Tree community to come together in one place.


Does what it says on the tin! This class gets you moving, with flowing sequences made up of a variety of postures that both stretch and strengthen muscles. We also synchronise the breath with each movement, expanding on the inhale and releasing on the exhale, to enhance the meditative effects of the practice. It’s a fairly challenging class, but there are always options to modify any postures or movements that are too difficult.

gentle hatha

Been out of action for a while and feel ready to start moving your body again? Yoga improves the quality of life for people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, and for many of our more mature students, this gorgeous gentle hatha class provides the perfect opportunity to improve or regain strength, balance and suppleness. It makes for a rather nice social moment too! Find out more about our gentle hatha class here.

ashtanga fusion

Our wonderful ‘ashtanga fusion’ class, taught by Jason Scott, is based on a shortened or varied form of the ashtanga primary sequence – a prescribed set of postures linked by short sequences known as vinyasas, where each movement is synchronised with either an inhale or an exhale. It’s an extremely vigorous style of yoga best suited to students with a high level of fitness and an intermediate level of ability – i.e. able to hold a headstand for 30 seconds and ready to work on deeper variations of back bending, including full wheel.


Our beginner course are taught in-person and are designed to build the student’s confidence with their practice. They take the absolute beginner through the ‘foundation’ course, which ensures the student understands the fundamentals of breath, flow, posture and alignment. Click here for more info about our beginner yoga classes in York.


Dynamic in nature with flowing sequences that include a range of basic to more advanced postures, our improver+ classes are suitable for students who have been with us for a few months or have some yoga experience already (the general rule is that they must be able to practise sun salutations on their own and hold a shoulder stand for at least 30 seconds). If you’re at intermediate level (able to hold a headstand and ready for deep backbends), you’ll be given options to make the practice more challenging.

ashtanga express

If you like to start your day with a shot of energy, try this mini ashtanga class! A shortened form of the ashtanga primary series, these classes go at a fair lick and, although brief, leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world! Best suited students practising at an intermediate level (able to hold a headstand for 30 seconds and ready to work on backbends such as full wheel) – but also open to brave improvers!