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Ashtanga Primary Series

‘Yoga Chikitsa’: The Complete Ashtanga Primary Series | Sat 11th May  |  9.15am – 12.30pm  |  Woodthorpe, York  |  £48*

Teachers Jason Scott & Lilley Harvey

What better time of the year than early summer, when we’re at our most vibrant and energetic, to explore the full Ashtanga Primary Series?

Known for building heat in the body, this strong and challenging sequence can take up to 2 hours to practice in full – and that’s without stopping to hear any instructions! In this workshop, we will maintain the ‘flow’ of an Ashtanga practice, whilst paying attention to the various aspects of a complete Primary Series practice, so that you can feel confident – both on the day and going forward – as you work your way through this powerful ‘moving meditation’.

Workshop content

A dynamic morning workshop exploring the ‘complete’ Ashtanga Primary Series, so that you can fully experience this glorious ‘moving meditation’ in a safe and supportive environment. Led by Lilley and an exciting guest teacher.

Over the course of the morning, you’ll be guided through a ‘full’ practice, from opening chant, through surya namaskara A and B, the standing postures, seated postures, and finishing sequence – and the ‘vinyasas’ which link all these elements. We’ll finish with relaxation, followed by tea and chocolate.

This workshop is ideal if: You’ve been coming to our Ashtanga ‘short form’ classes for a while and are keen to move through the full sequence; You have experience in another form of dynamic yoga and would like to progress to the Ashtanga system; You’re an Ashtanga practitioner who is keen to establish a home practice.

This workshop is suitable for Improver level and above – it’s very strong. If in doubt please email us.

*Make a saving by booking a place at three 

  • 1 workshop – £48
  • 3 workshops – £120 a saving of £24

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