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Best Yoga Retreats in the UK

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As the demand for wellness experiences continues to rise, the UK offers yoga enthusiasts some serene locations and truly transformative practices. But finding the best yoga retreat isn’t just about picturesque locations and relaxing environments, it’s also about aligning with your personal practice, objectives and aspirations. Read on to explore our pick of some of the best yoga retreats in the UK and why we think they’re extra special. 

Reclaim Yourself Retreats

Reclaim Yourself retreats in the UK aren’t just about escaping the daily grind – they’re also about rediscovering your inner compass and reconnecting with the wild beauty of Britain. Offering four retreats across England and Scotland in 2024, Reclaim Yourself prioritise off-the-beaten-path gems, ensuring you’ll create lasting memories amidst breathtaking scenery, far removed from the crowds.  

Imagine practising yoga in a secluded woodland camp, waking to mist rising over the Cairngorms or unplugging at a castle in Cumbria. Reclaim Yourself guides you back to yourself in the heart of the UK’s stunning wilderness. Weaving an array of outdoor activities into their programs, from mindful hikes through ancient woodlands to forest bathing and loch swimming, Reclaim Yourself offers sustainable wellness weekends that are inclusive for all ages and abilities.

With extraordinary locations and exceptional yoga teachers, there’s something for everyone. In 2024, guest teachers include Faye Shekhar, Adam Husler, Tania Brown and Anna Ashby. 

Zephyr Yoga Retreats

Zephyr Wildman’s yoga retreats ignite the spirit and allow you to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes that become an extension of your practice. Offering two UK retreats in late 2024, Zephyr has curated transformative wellness weeks, one in East Sussex and the other on the Cornish coast. Her philosophy goes beyond asana perfection with retreats blending 3 hours of dynamic yoga flows daily with sacred sound healing or breath work and invigorating guided hikes, come rain or shine.

Prioritising pampering alongside asana and exploration, yogis can sink into luxurious spa treatments after a day of adventure and unwind in cozy accommodation that echoes the spirit of the surrounding landscape. Zephyr’s retreats awaken the senses and push you to the edge of your comfort zone in a truly transformative experience. 

Peacock Tree Yoga Retreats 

A haven for yogis seeking physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation, Peacock Tree Yoga retreats immerse participants in joy and laughter. West Lexham’s tranquil surroundings provide a beautiful backdrop for this vibrant wellness weekend, where the emphasis is not just on perfecting poses, but in creating a community and shared experiences. 

Revitalising the mind, body and spirit, shared moments of support and positivity create lasting connections. Seven sessions over the weekend blend practices from three yoga traditions with meditation, contemplation and Daoist teachings on the joy of summer. Not merely a physical practice, it’s a journey of self-discovery and communal celebration. 

As the retreat unfolds, participants find themselves refreshed and invigorated, carrying the experience into the months ahead. Heightening the anticipation for the warmth and joy of the upcoming summer makes this eagerly awaited retreat an unforgettable experience for every yogi.

Santosha Yoga Retreats

Andrea Kwiatkowski offers two UK yoga retreats for 2024 – one at the spiritual sanctuary of Tofte Manor near Bedford and the other at the Purusha Retreats in Lincolnshire. Reigniting the senses through personal transformation, Andrea Kwiatkowski helps participants reconnect with themselves and nature by awakening the soul through elemental and spiritual exploration.

Andrea’s summer retreat in Lincolnshire focuses on practice outdoors, fostering a closer connection with nature. Meditation by the lake is expertly weaved with vigorous Jivamukti yoga to sow the seeds of connection and compassion. High end accommodation in seven eco-domes offers peace and comfort combined with bohemian luxury. 

Attending one of Andrea’s UK yoga retreats is sure to leave you feeling wonderful, both in body and soul.

Donna Southwell Ashtanga Yoga Retreats

Donna Southwell’s retreats have gained a reputation for offering transformative and rejuvenating experiences for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. With a deep-rooted commitment to the principles of Ashtanga yoga, Donna creates immersive retreats that go beyond physical postures, incorporating the philosophy and spiritual aspects of this ancient practice. Her retreats are carefully curated to foster a holistic approach to well-being – blending yoga sessions with time outdoors, connecting with others and nature, exploration and relaxation. 

In 2024, Donna has three UK yoga retreats, one in North Yorkshire and two in the Lake District. Her second Lake District retreat, in late October, is focused on the power of menopause, giving yogis the time and space to explore this important rite of passage. With time dedicated to physical flexibility during morning and afternoon yoga sessions, psychological flexibility will be supported with short writing practices where participants will explore their feelings and navigate their life experiences.   

We hoped we’ve piqued your interest in the wonderful wellness weekends and yoga retreats available from some of the best yoga teachers in the UK. Busy lives and geographical limitations mean some dates or locations are not practical to all, so this has been a look at some of the retreats across the UK in the hope you can find one to make some time for yourself and your personal journey to improved wellness and self-care. 

If you’d like to know more about Peacock Tree Yoga’s weekend yoga retreat at West Lexham on 31st May to 2nd June, please click for more information, we’d love to hear from you.