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the search for the best yoga mat…

The Search for the Best Yoga Mat*

*Spoiler: Yoga mat discount codes in this blog! 
Even desert warriors need a good yoga mat!

There comes a time in every yoga practitioner’s life, when a new mat is in order and the search for the ‘best yoga mat’ begins. It’s quite a bold quest – a mark of a person’s commitment to their practice. We might even go as far as saying that the acquisition of a new yoga mat is a very physical expression of a ‘sankalpa’…

The Sanskrit word ‘sankalpa’ means “will, purpose, or determination”. A sankalpa isn’t so much a promise to yourself that you’ll avoid negative behaviour, like resolutions often tend to be (eg. “No more takeaways for dinner!”), but rather, a way of thinking that’s designed to instill positive behaviour (“I will regularly nourish myself with homemade meals”).

Finding the best yoga mat is a big deal!

In this respect, buying a new yoga mat is a bit like making a vow to ourselves to maintain a strong, flexible body and a calm and focused mind; a vow to give ourselves the chance to live our best lives. Naturally, all of this means that finding the best yoga mat for our purposes is A BIG DEAL!

Speaking of big deals, we’ve secured some brilliant discounts for you! Read on…

But where do you even begin to look, when there are so many on the market these days? Whether you’ve fallen under the spell of yoga after joining our Essentials Yoga for Beginners course; you’ve been practising a while and decided it’s time to upgrade to something more lasting; or you can’t bear the thought of going on your travels, short- or long-term, without a trusty mat – we’ve got you!

The Peacock Tree Guide to the Best Yoga Mats:

1 – For a good quality, low budget mat, you can’t go wrong with a Studio Pro Yoga Mat from Yoga Mad. For £28.99, this is a particularly good mat if you’re a beginner (we often recommend these to our Essentials students).

A good yoga mat makes any house a home – even a bamboo hut!

2 – If your practice has developed (hello, Improvers!) and you’re looking for a mat that will endure not just a weekly class, but a regular home practice too, then it’s time to start looking at something a bit stronger. The Jade Yoga Mat is a firm favourite among the Peacock Tree team and it wins points for being eco-friendly too. Normally, they cost £70, so they’re not the cheapest in town – but for 3 months starting on Monday 13th August 2018, the generous team at Jade are giving us all a 10% discount! You just need to use the code PTY10.  

3 – If you’re going off traveling and want a light(ish), but durable mat to take with you, the Jade Travel Mat (3mm thick, 1.5kg weight, and approx. £66) comes highly recommended by Lilley, Daniel and Katy, who’ve all laid theirs out on various terrains around the globe! You can even fold these ones up, which is handy if you’re traveling with a suitcase. As if you needed any more reasons to choose a Jade travel mat, that 10% discount code, PTY10, applies to them too!

Teaching assistant Louise loves her Lifeforme mat!

4 – Die-hard Ashtanga practitioner? Wednesday Intermediate student? Then you really need something that can withstand lots of vinyasas. You might’ve noticed your fellow yogis using smooth-looking mats with lines printed down the middle and a groovy pattern around the edges – this is a sure sign of a LifeForme yoga mat! They don’t come cheap at £100, but they’re popular for a good reason and they tick the eco-friendly box.

5 – Last but not least is a mat we’ve only heard whispers of… It’s almost mythical! Our teaching assistant, Louise, has been told that the Extreme Grip Mat from Yogi Bare offers the same benefits as the Lifeforme mats (très comfortable and incredibly strong), but at half the price (£50)! If you get one, you MUST let us know if it’s true! Here’s an incentive – Yogi Bear is offering Peacock Tree Yoga Students 10% off! All you need to do is use the code PTY10 – isn’t that nice?! 

See you on the (best) mat! 😉

best yoga mat for rolling up children!
And this is the best yoga mat for rolling up your children at a festival!