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the Peacock Tree Yoga plank challenge 2020!

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it’s time for the annual Peacock Tree Yoga plank challenge!

Students taking part in a yoga plank challenge
We’d love to see your creative planking too!

Whether you’re a new student with Peacock Tree Yoga or a veteran, we’d love you to join in with our 2020 Peacock Tree Yoga Plank Challenge, starting on Monday 27th April. Over 21 days, you’ll build yourself up to a three-minute plank, using the variation that suits you best.

Why we run the Peacock Tree Yoga Plank Challenge…

The Peacock Tree Yoga Plank Challenge is an opportunity to create strength in both body and mind; to develop your will power – and build a core of steel in the process. It’s perfect for powering us up as we move into the firey months of the year.

It’s not actually as hard as it sounds – you just need to build up gradually by choosing a plank variation that suits you, and then following the plan. But beware – once you’ve discovered your potential, there’ll be no stopping you!!

Print off the 21-day Peacock Tree Plank Challenge practice sheet, stick it to the fridge, and while you wait for the kettle to boil at the start or end of the day, for example, get on your yoga mat and plank like there’s no tomorrow!

Peacock Tree Yoga 21-day Plank Challenge 2020

Keeping track of your progress

Personal trainer helping with a plank challenge
Can’t afford a hunky PT? Never mind, we’ll support you!

Try your best to meet your daily goals – and give yourself a sense of satisfaction each time by ticking the relevant box. Do let us know how it’s going – post your photos and films on Instagram and Facebook and tag @peacocktreeyoga, so we can see them!

Oh, and if you want to give us and your fellow students a laugh, feel free to get playful with it – find a strange location to practice, do it in your work clothes, or try some plank variations!

But above all, enjoy it – be grateful for what your body is allowing you to do (even on days when your body doesn’t allow you to meet your goal). Notice how your body is changing and becoming stronger, and join in with our online conversations for support and motivation throughout the challenge. Not part of our Facebook community? Come into the fold!

Don’t know how to do plank properly?

One of the simplest, safest and easiest ways to build yourself up to a three minute plank is to adopt dolphin plank, which involves resting on your forearms with elbows bent (rather than on your hands with straight arms). Keep your toes tucked under and your body and legs off the floor, in a strong horizontal line – like a plank!

Stay focused throughout and let this wonderful music (composed by my teacher) do the counting!

Need an easier option?

Peacock Tree Yoga Plank Challenge guidelines
Is your plank straight?

If you find it too difficult to hold the full posture, drop your knees to the floor for extra support – just make sure your thighs and torso are in a straight line. And do try to lift your knees again as the challenge progresses – you might surprise yourself!

If your neck hurts, you can always place a block or a stack of books beneath your face and rest your forehead on it while you hold the posture.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt?

If you’re familiar with plank and other core strength exercises, you might like to work on some plank variations – be it a high plank, a one-legged plank, a side plank, or an acro yoga plank… You might also find that our upcoming Yoga Ninja workshop is right up your street!

Beware of a cheating bottom!

Your biggest foe during this challenge will be your bottom. It will either try to cheat, by being higher than the rest of your body, or it will be lazy, sagging down to create an unwelcome dip in the centre of the posture.

Not sure if you have a cheating or lazy bottom? Then check yourself out in a mirror or ask someone else to tell you if your body is in a straight line.

Ready? Download the the Peacock Tree Yoga 21-day Plank Challenge 2020 and get planking!