‘Essentials’ yoga for beginners, York – next term starts September 2018.

In the mean time, some EXCITING NEWS!

For 9 weeks over the Summer, we’ll be running a series of ‘Yoga Technique’ classes. The classes will be suitable for all abilities, so whether you’re a complete beginner or already practising yoga but need a bit of a refresher, this is for you!

Use the energy of Summer and feel vital all season! By September, you’ll be all set to embark on our next 12-week Yoga Essentials course (details below), or move into one of our Improver or Intermediate classes.

Yoga Technique – every Tuesday from 7 – 8pm, our Woodthorpe venue, starting from July 24th 2018 and continuing until September 18th. It’s £81 for the full 9 weeks (£75 concessions). Email info@peacocktreeyoga.com to reserve your place!


The Autumn Term – Yoga Essentials  

Our ‘Essentials’ yoga for beginners York classes almost always start fully booked (often with a waiting list), so please email us today at info@peacocktreeyoga.com, if you’d like to book in for a complimentary trial lesson at the start of the next term (September 25th 2018). In the email tell us the 3 things you wish to gain from a yoga programme with us and how long you’ve been thinking about starting yoga.

dividerWhat will I get out of the Yoga Essentials Class?

Well, by the end of it, you’ll be doing classes much like the one in the time lapse video below – but not quite so fast!! Head over to our testimonials page if you want to hear from a few of our beginner students, or read on for more details about our Yoga Essentials course.

Over the 12 week course, you will learn:

  • Sun Salutations – the ideal way to prepare the body for the day
  • Pranayama – controlling your breath to energise the body and still the mind
  • Confidence in the alignment of the basic postures
  • Shoulderstand – preparation for holding your first inversion
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mindful eating
  • How to create a personal practice to take anywhere

Decide and commit, don’t be wishy washy!

We encourage you to try yoga for the complete term. Give it a proper shot. Once a week is really the minimum time to practise yoga and get anywhere and 12 weeks, is a good amount of time to really feel the benefits.

You have to be practical. Some students come to class having not stretched in years, expecting to sit comfortably in lotus by week 3 – it just doesn’t happen like that. You wouldn’t expect to sit down at a piano and play a concerto after 3 weeks – yoga is a practice, like practising a musical instrument; the more consistent and committed you are, the more your body will respond and soon you’ll begin to feel the joys of living in strong, flexible body with an agile spine and a quiet mind.

dividerClass Dates

Yoga for beginners York Peacock Tree Yoga

That could be YOU!

Next enrollment is September 25th 2018.

The price is £108 – for 12 classes. Concessions £90 (student, OAP)

If you join us part way through the programme, you’ll pay for the remainder of the term.

Yoga & Efficiency

Yoga gives you time. Yoga is a moving meditation, a mindfulness practice; we concentrate on the postures and the breath. Over the period of a class, as we stretch and strengthen our bodies we soothe our mind in the process. The mind then becomes expansive and creative. Our students often report that they sleep much better and that they work far more efficiently when they practise yoga regularly.

You can read more about what our students have to say about Peacock Tree Yoga on our Google+ page, and you’ll find some short films of some of our past beginner students on the Testimonials page of this site.

The Foundation Workshop

Periodically we hold the foundation workshop which consolidates everything you’ve learnt in the Yoga Essentials classes. There is a comprehensive booklet for you to take home.

Moving on up . . .

Once you’re confident and competent in the basic postures you’ll be encouraged to attend an Improver class, where we begin to work on some of the stronger postures – headstands and handstands etc.

Peacock Tree Yoga for Beginners York

Still got some burning questions? Maybe you’ll find the answers in this handy Q&A, or on our Yoga Etiquette page. You can always contact us direct, too – all the contact details are below. Oh, and don’t forget to register as soon as you can, to take advantage of our Free trial class offer!