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Mindful Eating

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This week in class we’re working on a mindful eating meditation.

We eat for so many reasons, often these are emotional: – we’re tired, bored, sad, lonely. Sometimes we eat because we’re thirsty and we’re confusing our body’s signals. Often we eat to distract ourselves from uncomfortable feelings.

Yoga is proven to help keep us at a healthy body weight because over time we become better at listening to our bodies signals. Listening to what our body needs and responding correctly.

Slowly as our practice deepens we begin to live more ‘yoga’ in our everyday lives.

Yoga teaches us to cultivate rituals of gratitude so that we savour our food. By savouring and enjoying each bite we nourish our whole being, filling our senses, strengthening our body and creating satisfaction and contentment in our mind.

Make a warming stew. Lay the table. Light a candle and enjoy a meal with your loved ones.


*Disclaimer: As life, efforts, time and commitment vary from student to student, so will the results.