Lilley Harvey, founder of Peacock Tree Yoga

Lilley Harvey, founder of Peacock Tree Yoga

Lilley Harvey


Lilley Harvey has been teaching since 2006 but her first experience of yoga was in the early 1990s when she took part in a pioneering therapeutic programme for asthmatics. Lilley considers yoga as being the single most effective tool in helping her to recover from an auto-immune disorder, which at its peak left her too weak to walk. From practising for just a few minutes each day, to seven years later, practising vigorously for up to seven hours a day, yoga and the wealth of its teachings has transformed her life.

Committed to continual professional development, Lilley spent 6 months living in Mysore India in 2009 and travels extensively nationally and internationally (most recently to Zen Wellness in Arizona, USA & to Turkey), for workshops and training courses.

A brilliant communicator – skilled at teaching diverse groups, Lilley’s students range from being three years old to being well into their seventies and beyond. Lilley has taught yoga in many schools – both as workshops and as part of the curriculum. She also specialises in teaching children with special educational needs (in particular autism). Lilley has also created on-going yoga programmes for adults suffering from mental ill health.

Lilley’s life journey has graced her not only with an extraordinary zest for life, but also with a great understanding of people. This understanding gives her exceptional insight into the possibilities of growth in others, and the ability to connect to each student whatever their starting point, and draw out the best in them.