Peacock Tree Yoga York Yoga Classes teachersLilley Harvey

Lilley radiates an infectious enthusiasm for yoga so that for anyone in its vicinity it is like being caught in a tractor beam. Beware. Once you enrol into Peacock Tree, it’s likely to be for life!

Lilley is a highly motivated and creative individual (with a background in fashion design). She has a naturally innovative approach to her teaching programmes – which inspire, delight and constantly challenge her students.

Lilley founded Peacock Tree Yoga in York in 2010. The York Yoga classes are rich and varied with blended flow sequences from both the Sivananda and Ashtanga traditions. Read more about Lilley here.


The Peacock Tree Yoga Team


Tracy Donachie ~ Doctor of Fun & Fitness

Among the many letters that come after Dr Donachie’s name is the magic acronym applied to all those who’ve undergone Yoga Teacher Training: YTT. And thank goodness – our students love Tracy’s light-hearted and fun, yet challenging yoga classes!

After playing semi-professional football in Iceland, Australia, and the USA (yes, really!), she hung up her boots to concentrate on a PhD in sport psychology. Around the same time, Tracy discovered yoga and developed a strong, regular practice, which eventually led her to Costa Rica, where she gained her 200-hour yoga teaching diploma with Anabel Miranda.

As a performance psychology consultant, Tracy uses her knowledge and experience to inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential. Be prepared to try new postures, be pushed out of your comfort zone, and laugh!


Louise Brogan-Hewitt ~ Soulful Entrepreneur

Louise puts her heart and soul into everything she does – from the hugely successful catering business she established and sold nine years later, to the yoga directory she’s now creating for the York area: Yoger.

Since attending her first yoga class in May 2016, we’ve seen Louise make strides in her yoga practice, both on and off the mat. As she says, “Yoga has not only transformed my body, easing the back and hip pain I suffered with for years; it has transformed my mind, too. Yoga helped me connect to my true self and gave me space to begin to live the life I have dreamed of.”

In the two years Louise has dedicated herself to her practice, she’s progressed from our Essentials Yoga for Beginners course  to our Intermediate classes. She also now assists in our classes – much to everyone’s delight! We’re thrilled that Louise will soon have completed her Yoga Teacher Training and are proud that she is beginning her teaching career with Peacock  Tree Yoga!


Jill McArthur ~ Energetic Superhero

team_jillYoga transformed Jill’s life almost by stealth. Living in London and working in the cut-throat world of freelance photography, she first joined a class for the same reason many people do – for the physical benefits. But as is so often the case, Jill found that she “started to look at the world from a slightly altered perspective”.

Fast forward a couple of decades and you’ll now find Jill in York, operating under the name Union Holistic and adeptly smoothing out the niggles and aches of whoever happens to be on her couch. The rest of the time, Jill teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga, having completed a rigorous teacher training with Brian Cooper in 2015.

“I like strong yoga that makes me feel superhuman, and I like slow, quiet yoga that makes me calm and stretched. I like the way that every time you come onto the mat it is different and that everybody has their unique body history and set of circumstances that brings them to yoga.”


 Steve Poile ~ Veg Growing Wanderer

team_steveAs a thoughtful & intelligent yogi, who loves to travel, Steve uses his yoga practice (which began in 2011) to centre himself wherever he may be – from Britain’s dales, vales, moors and shores, to the ashrams and yoga centres of India. Steve has a lovely teaching manner, making beginner students especially feel reassured.

He can also be found putting down roots in his home town of York, where he grows his own vegetables in order to sustain an organic, vegetarian diet – and with which to concoct exotic dishes inspired by the cuisine he has enjoyed on his travels.

Steve’s title, ‘Yoga Siromani’, and his spiritual name, Isvara (Supreme Soul), were bestowed on him when he travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas, to the Uttarkashi Sivananda Yoga Centre – and suspended all communication with the outside world for an entire month!


Daniel Harvey ~ Adventurer & Architect

team_danielEveryone who knows Daniel can’t help but be amazed by his extraordinary levels of energy, self discipline and the speed of his professional output. Whilst living in India Daniel studied a yoga system called ‘Bheemashakti’ which required him getting up at 2 am and practising 9 hours of asana and pranayama daily for 48 days – fasting entirely for 3 days on each moon day during the period. Daniel enjoys extremes . . .

Daniel did his teacher training in Ashtanga yoga with Ajay Kumar in Mysore, India and currently practises with Joey Miles in Leeds. Recently his practice has matured to embrace a deep meditative work and he is currently inspired by the shamanic practices of the native South Americans.


Katy Wright ~ Croissant-munching Queen’s Hand

team_katy.jpgNimble and strong, Katy is the most impish yogini in the forest – which comes across in the playful exploration of vinyasa flow in her classes and her personal practice. However, beneath this mischievous nature is a steely determination and conscientious intelligence which underpins her work as a freelance, free-range writer and informs her ethical values on life.

Since acquiring her first yoga manual at the age of 17, Katy has furthered her studies under countless teachers, in countless locations – the most pivotal being a tough Ashtanga Teacher Training certification with Union Yoga’s Brian Cooper in 2011.

In 2014, Katy rolled up her mat and set off on a tour of the world. Three years later – having traversed South Africa, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand – she rolled it back up and landed lightly in France, where she’s since evolved to become Lilley’s Right Hand Woman.