What Peacock Tree Yoga students say about our classes (check out our Google page for the most recent reviews, or scroll down to watch some short films featuring our students!)*

“I lost over a stone in a year and the only thing I did differently was Peacock Tree yoga. I love it.”*

Sue Coe, 45, Customer Service Representative

“As a bloke, I was a bit skeptical to try yoga, but after my first lesson those thoughts vanished. It’s brilliant.”

Ryan Hoey, 20, Student

“When I moved York, I tried 4 different classes – when I started Peacock Tree Yoga’s Gentle Hatha class I knew I needed to look no further!”

Pat Hender, 74, Counsellor

“Lilley’s yoga classes have changed my life. I wish I’d started years ago.”

Helen Grayson, 44, Principal Engineer

“First time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years!”

Ian Woods, 56, Consultant Anaesthetist

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Video testimonials

The following films were made with students attending the May 2016 Yoga Beginners course. Thanks to Danny, Sophie, Rachel, Ben, Emily and Lindsey for helping us spread the word about Peacock Tree Yoga!

Got a bad back? Do as Danny does…

Want to make new friends? Make like Sophie and Rachel!

Missing the feelgood factor? Have some of what Lindsey’s having…

Heard that yoga compliments other sports? So did Ben…

Struggling with stress and anxiety? Help yourself to some yoga, like Emily…

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