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find out what our past & current students say about us

Our teachers empower people to own and commit to their yoga practice. Students tell us time and time again that coming to Peacock Tree Yoga is the best part of their day. 

We cherish our community and celebrate everyone’s progress. Check out our Google reviews, read the testimonials below or scroll down to watch some short films to hear what students say about Peacock Tree.

what our students say…

“so much guidance, direction and practical tips”


I will take so much from this course, it is just what I needed at this point. There was so much guidance, direction and practical tips that I had just not thought of or considered. The teacher was so enthusiastic it’s given me the confidence to take my teaching and my yoga business to the next level.




“make a real difference to the people I support”


Lilley is a clear, compelling and inspiring teacher. She knows her stuff so deeply because she’s been living it for years. I feel like I’m at the start of a journey that will make a real difference to the people I support. I’m leaving this course feeling excited, inspired and motivated.

J. Claybourne



“powerful, rich and informative”


I really enjoyed this course, what an inspiring weekend of teachings. Thank you so much it’s been powerful, rich and informative.




“inspired me to think analytically”


Lilley is a leader in her field. She’s right up there – at the top! The knowledge she has shared is inspirational. This course was so practical and so valuable. This course has inspired me to think analytically about how to plan a yoga business – not just let it evolve without structure.

Julie Seymour



“learn from the best”


A really good course if you want to get clear on where you’re going in your yoga business. Lilley has a strong business that works really well. If you want to run an amazing business, learn from the best.

T. Bramley



“clarity and focus”


Inspirational. Provided clarity and focus for both my teacher training and my yoga practice.

Lynne Clark



“first time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years”


First time I’ve touched my toes in 35 years!

Ian Woods, 56, Consultant Anaesthetist



“I needed to look no further”


When I moved York, I tried 4 different classes – when I started Peacock Tree Yoga’s Gentle Hatha class I knew I needed to look no further!

Pat Hender, 74, Counsellor



“I was a bit skeptical”


As a bloke, I was a bit skeptical to try yoga, but after my first lesson those thoughts vanished. It’s brilliant.

Ryan Hoey, 20, Student



“I lost over a stone”


I lost over a stone in a year and the only thing I did differently was Peacock Tree yoga. I love it.


Sue Coe, 45, Customer Service Representative


“I feel so different after a class”


Thank you very much for allowing me to join you,  I do  enjoy it soooo much both mentally and physically… I feel so different after I’ve done a class, it’s wonderful.

 Paula Longbone



“sharing your knowledge”


I had a great experience on Thursday night.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful voice, calmness and devotion.

Ming Wang – HGH Accountants



“wonderful uplifting energy”

  Thanks for a beautiful class this eve. It felt very special. And a huge thank you for your positive energy. Even when doing so much day to day you still bring the most wonderful uplifting energy.

Lauren Barry



“an hour’s pleasure”


For me, each Monday you bring an hour’s pleasure (and much needed  exercise) and such a ray of Sunshine too!

Jack Marchbank


“a sense of community”

  I always love the insight and knowledge you share.  You have a joyful and patient perspective in a very confusing daily routine for me. The thing above all that Peacock Tree yoga has given me is a sense of community, knowing that I gain insights from you and being able to connect to others in the world outside of my family and immediate friends.

Debs Whitwell


“stepping out of the maelstrom”


Doing yoga with you is like stepping out of the maelstrom and having some tranquillity, not having to think about it all for an hour. It’s refreshing and revitalising.

Heather Walsh


“I am getting physically stronger”


I am really enjoying my Monday morning session and definitely feel that I am getting physically stronger.  Throughout this unprecedented time, being able to share the yoga practice with others on Zoom has been so positive.  I find Lilley quite inspirational in her teaching.

Sue Heath


“relaxed and inspired”


What a fabulous morning I had. Felt so relaxed and inspired to begin a meditation practice regularly. I really enjoyed the session so thank you all.

Sue Everard


“a bit of Lilley in my life”


When I saw the advertisement for the workshop, my initial thought was ‘I need a bit of Lilley in my life right now!’ Anyone who has studied under Lilley will know exactly what I mean, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!!

Emma Tymon


“lovely energy from everyone”


Peacock Tree has been such a huge part of my up and down journey of life back in York over the last 11 years. I love that there is a large and growing Peacock Tree alumni out there and the warmth of all the students who join is the same. I felt so welcomed at the workshop yesterday by current students and teachers, as a person new to them. There was a lovely energy from everyone in the room and this is a constant of Peacock Tree.

Andrea Feeley


“I connected with my inner self”


Thank you ever so much for this morning’s class. It felt like it came at such a magical time. I really felt I connected with my inner self and sensed a feeling of being in my body and feeling a proudness of presence.

Luella Rebbeck


“wonderful inspirational morning”


I have just had the most wonderful inspirational morning. The spring workshop was so uplifting and thought provoking. Lilley was, as always, so motivational. If you haven’t experienced any if the yoga classes or workshops from Peacock Tree Yoga you absolutely must, they change the way you look at the world.

Caroline Smith


video testimonials…

The following films were made with students attending the May 2016 beginners yoga course. Thanks to Danny, Sophie, Rachel, Ben, Emily and Lindsey for helping us spread the word about Peacock Tree Yoga!

got a bad back? do as Danny does…

“Each class I come to, I always leave feeling a lot more relaxed than when I turned up and definitely feel that it helps me through the week”

– Danny

want to make new friends? make like Sophie & Rachel…

“Lilley’s amazing as well, she actually makes you feel welcome and wanted… she never makes you feel like you can’t do anything”

– Sophie & Rachel

missing the feel good factor? have some of what Lindsey’s having…

“I just feel a greater sense of wellbeing … no matter how tired I am, or what kind of rubbish day I’ve had, I know that I’m going to go home after my class and feel absolutely fantastic”

– Lindsey

heard that yoga complements other sports? so did Ben…

“I started coming down to yoga about two months ago mainly because of rugby injuries and other sports injuries. I doubted it at first but its a lot more strenous than you think and its really good for building stability”

– Ben

struggling with stress & anxiety? help yourself to some yoga, like Emily…

“I started because I suffer with quite bad anxiety and depression… the amount of panic attacks I used to have in a week, I’ve had in the whole time I’ve been doing yoga. So it’s helped a lot”

– Emily

see you on the mat!