Yoga Ninja: The ‘Metal Rat’! 

According to Chinese astrology, each year is defined by the energy and qualities of the animal and element with which it is identified. The year 2020 looks set to be a particularly interesting period, with the metal element providing a firm, focused structure to the energetic ambitions of the Rat.

By applying this wisdom to our yoga practice during late Summer, we are able to harness the high energy the summer months bring whilst reigning in any overly ambitious (and potentially harmful!) intentions – giving us the ideal context for working on some of the more difficult yoga postures in a safe and structured way.

Workshop content

Suitable for both seasoned yogis and those with less experience, this workshop will cover a variety of techniques and ‘drills’ for safely and gradually working your way towards Scorpion pose – including shoulder openers, core strength work and backbending (click here if you want to start exploring your backbending technique now!).

This progressive workshop will capitalise on the ‘fire’ work done in our classes over the Summer months and bring the season to a stunning finale!

There’ll also be time to develop the headstands and handstands covered in the first Playshop – ideal for Ashtanga practitioners keen to work on those elusive floating jumpbacks!

Add to that a teaching on yogic wisdom for the season and a led relaxation, and you have the perfect mix of ingredients for what will be a vital, uplifting and inspiring morning.

Essential info

Saturday 19th September 2020  |  9.30am – 12.30pm  |  Woodthorpe, York  |  £38*

Payment reserves your place. Online payment info: Peacock Tree Yoga  |  09.01.29 |  33869885 (Santander)

*Make a saving by booking a place at three or more workshops:

  • 1 workshop – £38
  • 3 workshops – £99 – £33 each, a saving of £15
  • 6 workshops – £180 – £30 each, a saving of £48
  • 9 workshops – £242 – £27 each, a saving of £100

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Please note:

These workshops have a strong ‘asana’ (yoga posture) component, they are not suitable for absolute beginners.