“The hour a week I take to attend my Peacock Tree Yoga pregnancy class is definitely a highlight”
Being pregnant is one of the most amazing and precious experiences a woman can have, but it brings with it a set of anxieties – including how best to maintain both your own and your baby’s health. You can read about the benefits of yoga during maternity here, but we thought you might also like to read some testimonials from women who’ve been to a Peacock Tree Yoga pregnancy yoga class. If you’re still left in any doubt after reading, please do get in touch and we can talk about whether or not this is the right time for you to take up, or continue, your yoga practice.

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“I find it very hard to relax as I’m always on the go, but Lilley has managed to help me find some time each week to really help me do that. Everyone in the class is friendly and we are able to have a laugh and giggle whilst learning to calm our bodies. Lilley and Fran are both very knowledgeable and are able to adapt movements instantly. Each class has really helped me feel more connected to my baby and the breathing techniques and stretches have helped throughout. Highly recommended!!”
Leanne Norman

“I started pregnancy yoga around 25 weeks pregnancy in the middle a rather stressful house move, being a teacher and being a mum to our four year old. Taking an hour a week out of my busy schedule to feel pregnant, connect to my baby, relax and prepare for birth has made all the difference to how I feel – both physically and mentally.”
Rebecca O’Leary

“Pregnancy yoga is lovely with Lilley and Fran! I would definitely recommend going along to a trial class.”
Arianne C Dickens

“In previous pregnancies I suffered with a great deal of back pain and was even referred by midwives for physio. Now, in my third pregnancy, I decided to try yoga to strengthen my back and if possible lessen the pain I have experienced previously. As a working mother of two it is often hard to find time for myself, but the hour a week I take to attend Peacock Tree Yoga is definitely a highlight and so far (at 28 weeks) I have not had any of the problems or pain I have had before.”
Jenna Cooke

“I could almost be tempted to have another baby just so I could come to these classes again!”
Heidi Poma-Young

“Having completed a long and tiring day teaching it is an absolute joy to have a peaceful and fulfilling hour with Lilley and Fran at pregnancy yoga. This is my second baby so time to focus on my pregnancy has been challenging. It’s such a joy to take an hour to connect and bond with her. I love speaking with the other mums and having a catch up with them on their week. The space is so calm and Fran and Lilley couldn’t be more kind and thoughtful. They always make you feel at ease whilst gently guiding you to push yourself physically in preparation for the birth. At the end of the sessions we have time to relax and listen to affirmations reminding us that we are all goddesses on our beautiful pregnancy journey together. Perfect!”
Valerie Cox

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