Peacock Tree Yoga would not be what it is today (a thriving community of committed yoga practitioners, in case you don’t know!) without a little help from our friends.

Whether they’re the people who print our promotional leaflets, or other yoga teachers who help us develop our teaching so we can continue to inspire our own students, they’re all important. And we love them! So much so, that we want you to know who they are, so you can make good use of their various services, too. Ladies and gentlemen, we present….

The Peacock Tree Yoga Kula!

Santosha Yoga, Peacock Tree Yoga people!Run by the inspirational Andrea Kwiatkowski, Santosha Yoga is a wonderful studio based in Cambridge, where we’ve received the best teachings and asana instruction. If you’re ever in the area, look them up – or make a special visit for a workshop!

Patricia Veale School of Dance, Peacock Tree Yoga people!If you attend Peacock Tree Yoga’s classes at our venue in Acomb, you’ll be familiar with this name. Even if you don’t, you might have heard of Patricia Veale, who was famous in York for her dance classes! Visit our Locations page for the address and directions.

Touch Tuina York, Peacock Tree Yoga people!
Teaching yoga is possibly one of the best jobs in the world, but when you’re cycling to and from classes in between hunching over a computer doing admin, you need a massage every now and then – and this place puts me right every time!


CopyKatyWright, peacock tree yoga people! Katy describes herself as a ‘free-range copywriter’ – a reference to her tendency to travel, and the nature of the work she does to sustain this lifestyle. A journalist/producer at the BBC for more than a decade, Katy jumped ship and set up her own business writing web content and managing social media. She also teaches yoga wherever and whenever the opportunity arises!

sivananda vedanta, peacock tree yoga
Peacock Tree Yoga introduces beginners to the practice of yoga, using the system devised by the Sivananda Yoga School, where Lilley Harvey undertook a significant amount of teacher training. They offer retreats and training at their venues, and lots of yoga lifestyle resources online.

shtanga info resource, peacock tree yoga people As students progress at Peacock Tree Yoga, we introduce them to the more physically challenging practice of Ashtanga yoga. This style of yoga involves following a set sequence of postures, held together by breath and movement. And this excellent website breaks it all down, step by step, so you can develop your practice at home.

York Print, Peacock Tree Yoga people!Remember that leaflet that came through the door all those years ago, inviting you and a friend to a yoga class? Well John Maw, who runs York Print, is the man with ink on his hands! Always top quality, always on time, always a good deal. Good stuff!

Peacock Tree Yoga_people_ourbiglovecoMany Peacock Tree Yoga students will be familiar with Frea O’Brien already, having met her at workshops we’ve run. In Frea’s own words, Our Big Love Company offers ‘Personal development guidance for leading a prosperous life you love’. Frea applies her unique understanding of numerology to help groups and individuals live, love and work ‘in the flow’. Super stuff!