How to be a successful yoga teacher

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

You’ve invested in your teacher training, maybe tried to launch some classes – perhaps even opened a yoga studio… But there’s a problem: you’re not making enough money to make it work. So what now?  

Peacock Tree Yoga class in Acomb

Lilley in action!

Of course you want to be a successful yoga teacher or studio owner – and why wouldn’t you, it’s the greatest job in the world! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, as you may have already realised. Even the most gifted yoga teachers can struggle to fill classes. Because when you set yourself up as a yoga teacher, you’re setting yourself up as a spiritual entrepreneur. Like anything that generates income, it’s business – and it needs to be run like one.

When Lilley Harvey founded Peacock Tree Yoga back in 2010, she quickly realised that she needed a business mentor – and she found the very best in Master Jason Campbell of Zen Wellness, Arizona. Right from the start Lilley’s business has been well-designed, vibrant and profitable. Classes are popular, workshops sell out and the community she has created continues to grow.

I’ll have what she’s having

In keeping with the yogic tradition of passing on wisdom, Lilley has decided it’s now time to offer other yoga teachers the opportunity to benefit from the same teachings that have led to her success. In Spring 2020, Lilley will be running a weekend-long course entitled, ‘The Success Guide for the Spiritual Entrepreneur’. 

During this weekend course you will:

  • Bridge the gap between your teacher training and becoming a successful yoga teacher.
  • Analyse your goals and take practical steps to make progress in your yoga business.
  • Understand how to build your own yoga community.
  • Find out how to organise your time and prioritise your to do list – freeing you from the emotions of stress and overwhelm.
  • Learn how to set up your schedule for success; making enough money without exhausting yourself, and still maintaining your yoga practice.
  • Gain insights and inspiration from senior teachers & mastermind with your peers.

Set your intention now!

The course will be held at the inspiring home of Yoga Kula in Leeds, 13th – 15th March 2020, and hosted by the venue’s director, Angela Sykes, who’ll also be sharing some of her own entrepreneurial wisdom during the weekend. Booking will be through Yoga Kula. Price to be confirmed.

With numerous people having expressed interest before we’ve even publicised it (news travels fast when two of the North’s most successful yoga teachers get together to deliver something like this!), we expect the course to be sold out very quickly. If you’d like a place, we strongly recommend getting in touch as soon as possible – priority will be given to those who have already contacted us to express interest. Email or text 07772 706 736.