At Peacock Tree Yoga, we ask for at least a once-a-week commitment from our students, after they’ve had their free trial class. We teach popular, full classes, and this system means students can count on there being a space for their mat each week. Our students are committed to the rhythm of their weekly yoga practice and the difference it makes to their lives.

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Standard Annual Membership Fee is £480, cost spread out over 12 months – 1 class per week. 

Standard Annual Membership if you pay in full up front  is £440 (12 months for the price of 11) – 1 class per week

Monthly Fees – Regular classes

  • Standard Membership £40 – 1 class a week
  • Gold Membership £70 – 2 classes a week

Student Monthly Fees – (for those in education)

  • Student Membership £32 – 1 class a week
  • Student Gold £56 – 2 classes a week

Gentle Hatha  

Drop-in – Regular classes

  • Standard – £15
  • Student / Gentle Hatha – £12

Yoga for Beginners 

  • 12-week course – £120
  • 12-week course (students) – £108

Payment on line.  Peacock Tree Yoga Ltd. (Santander) 09.01.29 – 33869885  (we do accept cash or cheques but our preferred payment method is on-line).

Please note: 

We ask new beginner students to commit to a full 12-week term initially, to allow time for them to learn the fundamentals of breath, flow, posture and alignment before moving on to our other classes, and to fully experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

We ask students in all our other classes to pay by standing order on the 1st of each calendar month.

Students are assigned a regular class that they are expected to attend, if on occasion it’s not possible to attend their regular class, students are invited to make up their classes by attending any other class on the timetable that they can get to in that calendar month.

We have 48 teaching weeks in the year. There will be a break for 1 week at Easter, August bank holiday week and two weeks over Christmas and New Year. No classes on Bank Holidays.

If, in extenuating circumstances, students need to suspend their membership, we would ask them to contact us. 

Prices for Workshops

  • 1 workshop – £38
  • 3 workshops – £99 – £33 each, a saving of £15
  • 6 workshops – £180 – £30 each, a saving of £48
  • 9 workshops – £242 – £27 each, a saving of £100