Regular classes

£54 for 6 weeks, paid in advance (we ask our students to renew their fees on week 5 of the previous set of 6).  £45 for students.

At Peacock Tree Yoga, we ask for at least a once-a-week commitment from our students, after they’ve had their free trial class. We teach popular, full classes, and this system means students can count on there being a space for their mat each week. Our students are committed to the rhythm of their weekly yoga practice and the difference it makes to their lives.

If you miss your usual class, we ask you to make it up by coming to an additional class within the 6 week period*.

Yoga Essentials  (entry level courses)

£108 for 12 weeks. £90 for students. We ask new students to commit to a full term initially, to allow time for them to learn the fundamentals of breath, flow, posture and alignment before moving on to our other classes, and to fully experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.


*We teach 6 classes a week. If you are not able to make your usual class we ask you to make it up by coming to an alternative class within the six week period. If something happens to you and you have been advised by your medical practitioner to avoid your yoga class, please let us know. Please note we do not have a policy of ‘carrying classes over.’