Peacock Tree Yoga York Yoga Classes teachersLilley Harvey

Lilley radiates an infectious enthusiasm for yoga so that for anyone in its vicinity it is like being caught in a tractor beam. Beware. Once you enrol into Peacock Tree, it’s likely to be for life!

Lilley is a highly motivated and creative individual (with a background in fashion design). She has a naturally innovative approach to her teaching programmes – which inspire, delight and constantly challenge her students.

Lilley founded Peacock Tree Yoga in York in 2010. The York Yoga classes are rich and varied with blended flow sequences from both the Sivananda and Ashtanga traditions. Lilley also teaches Yoga for Children (and special needs children) and Pregnancy Yoga.    Read more about Lilley here.


Daniel Harvey ~ Adventurer & Architect

team_danielEveryone who knows Daniel can’t help but be amazed by his extraordinary levels of energy, self discipline and the speed of his professional output. Whilst living in India Daniel studied a yoga system called ‘Bheemashakti’ which required him getting up at 2 am and practising 9 hours of asana and pranayama daily for 48 days – fasting entirely for 3 days on each moon day during the period. Daniel enjoys extremes . . .

Daniel did his teacher training in Ashtanga yoga with Ajay Kumar in Mysore, India and currently practises with Joey Miles in Leeds. Recently his practice has matured to embrace a deep meditative work and he is currently inspired by the shamanic practices of the native South Americans.


Fran Windsor ~ Warrior of Peace  & Style Yogini

team_franFran is the most peaceful powerhouse you’re likely to come across. A keenly observant and creative teacher, she radiates both Yin and Yang – a perfect balance of strength and softness – which reflects her early encounters with yoga, the first being a class in the rigid but rewarding Ashtanga tradition, followed by a yoga retreat in Goa, India, where she was opened up to a looser, more explorative form of Hatha yoga.

With these practices having a profoundly beneficial effect on both her body and mind, and taking her away from the stresses of City life, Fran launched herself into Yoga London’s teacher training programme. She graduated in June 2014 and soon after moved up to York, travelling back to complete Pre and Post Natal training.

Fran’s practice is inspired by nature – “the outdoors, moving freely, like an animal or child” – and the sequences and themes for her classes are often inspired by her frequent walks in the woods with her beloved dogs.


 Steve Poile ~ Veg Growing Wanderer

team_steveAs a thoughtful & intelligent yogi, who loves to travel, Steve uses his yoga practice (which began in 2011) to centre himself wherever he may be – from Britain’s dales, vales, moors and shores, to the ashrams and yoga centres of India. Steve has a lovely teaching manner, making beginner students especially feel reassured.

He can also be found putting down roots in his home town of York, where he grows his own vegetables in order to sustain an organic, vegetarian diet – and with which to concoct exotic dishes inspired by the cuisine he has enjoyed on his travels.

Steve’s title, ‘Yoga Siromani’, and his spiritual name, Isvara (Supreme Soul), were bestowed on him when he travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas, to the Uttarkashi Sivananda Yoga Centre – and suspended all communication with the outside world for an entire month!


Zita Soanes ~ the Teachers’ Teacher

14566493_10212139320575920_6670918615398156875_oThe 38 years of teaching I have been very blessed to have accomplished includes physical, mental and spiritual experience making me the Yoga Teacher I am today. So called “The Teachers Teacher”.

Through these years I have worked with many areas of fitness and qualified in so many certifications, as teachers we continuously train my training with The Wright Foundation opened a whole new area of working with GP Referral patients ranging from recovering heart attacks, Strokes, replacement of hips and knees, wheelchair victims, deep depression, anxiety, eating disorders and Insomnia.

Sometimes my experience took me away from my mat to the water as this was the only place I could really help the person in front of me. The beauty of this was to open my awareness even more to challenges we have when the body is unable to work with gravity for a period of time, until we can strengthen the body and the heart allowing the person the ability of holding their own body weight once more.

It was not until later in life I found Sivananda yoga, which I trained 2 years one to one with my teacher. I loved this style of yoga so much I decided to do my 200 hour teacher training in 2012 in London, Sivananda Centre. Last year I went to the Sivananda Ashram in France to do my 500 hours training for “Archarya” Master of Yoga. This is the style I base my class teaching today to my students.


Susan Bradley ~ (Down to) Earth Mother

SusanBradley_SquareI’ve had yoga in my life for nearly 20 years, since the late nineties. I am a mother of two, and a lover of sunshine, good food, strong coffee and red wine.  I’m not particularly ‘sporty’ or ‘bendy’, and I’m certainly not a former dancer or gymnast (and I often struggle with knowing my left from my right!) In essence I’m just a normal person with a passion for sharing yoga with others.  Hoping to show you that yoga is for everyone, and can help you feel so much better in body and mind.

My approach is down to earth, friendly and I like to think that my classes explore traditional practices of yoga from a modern perspective that fits with your everyday life.

My intention in the yoga I share in my classes and workshops is to create a space for you to cultivate knowingness, build your intuition, and trust what you discover as you listen to your body. Most important is that you listen to your body and move mindfully.

My yoga training and professional registration is with the Yoga Alliance (200 hour level). I teach in the Hatha yoga style, with also a deep interest in Yin yoga which I believe is the perfect yoga antidote to modern life for both our bodies and our minds.  I have a real passion for fertility, pregnancy and post natal yoga. And I admit to being rather a ‘birth geek’! I have undertaken training with world renown teachers including Pregnancy yoga and Post Natal trainings at TriYoga with Nadia Narain , and Fertility yoga with the goddess Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.  As well  having the privilege of as training as a  Doula with world renown (and a legend of the birth world) Michel Odent.

I have further been inspired by the teachings of Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi  and Norman Blair.


Jill McArthur ~ Energetic Superhero

team_jillI started going to yoga classes in my twenties and I guess like a lot of people I practiced because I wanted to be physically strong but found that I started to look at the world from a slightly altered perspective and it triggered some changes in my life. I had been living in London and worked in the cutthroat business of freelance photography. By 1998 I had retrained as a reflexologists and massage therapist and after a few years in the wilderness (literally, but that’s another story) moved to York and set up my business Union Holistic. Clients often ask me what else they can do to feel better and I almost always say “do yoga” so I decided to train as an instructor

I trained with Brian Cooper in 2015. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done. My training is in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. I run classes in York and teach yoga in the workplace at the council offices and yoga for climbers at Red Goat climbing wall. Often I will work one to one with people who want to use yoga as rehabilitation after injury or illness. Yoga, massage, reflexology, it’s all energy work and that’s what I’m good at.

I like strong yoga that makes me feel superhuman, I like slow, quiet yoga that makes me calm and stretched. I like the way that every time you come onto the mat it is different and that everybody has their unique body history and set of circumstances that brings them to yoga.

My favourite yoga posture is headstand because of that magical tipping point when your feet lift away from the floor and you feel like you are weightless.


Chloe McKay ~ Early Riser & Early Starter!

IMG_2556 (2)Chloé first discovered yoga at the age of 16 after attending an Iyengar class with her mum. She soon fell in love with the practice, impressed with how it made her feel in both body and mind. Curious to learn more, Chloé completed a foundation course before going on to train as a teacher in 2010. Since qualifying, she has continued to study and train with some of the world’s leading teachers such as David Swenson and Sarah Powers.

As a sports therapist, Chloé brings her knowledge of the body into her teaching which focuses on alignment and mindful awareness to build strength and flexibility.

Chloé believes yoga should be playful and inspiring and as a personal practice it should suit the needs of the individual. Ultimately she wants to empower students to use yoga as a tool to increase their health, wellbeing and happiness.


Edith Loney ~ Vinyasa Queen

222065_1013808699142_9622_nEdith first undertook an intensive yoga teacher training course in Thailand, with the founder of Kriyoga, Kamal Srinivas. She later expanded her knowledge and understanding of yoga under the guidance of Adrian Cox, the founder of Yoga Elements in Bangkok. Since returning to the UK, Edith has earnt a reputation for being one of the most inspiring ashtanga vinyasa teachers around.


Frances Harmer ~ Creative Hairdresser & Cosmic Mama

team_fran_hFran’s spiritual name is Bhavani, and one definition is ‘absolute existence,’ perhaps suggestive of her generous, nurturing soul, but when you dig a little deeper it’s also the name of a ferocious Hindu Goddess – could explain why her classes are so tough! And that’s also how Fran views her practice, something that’s both a comfort and a challenge.

Fran holds title ‘Yoga Siromani’ from her Sivananda Teacher Training (Austria 2010) and is keen, to continue to develop the more challenging physical aspects of her Ashtanga yoga practice.

For Fran, yoga is the tool that throws life into (sometimes uncomfortable) sharp focus for her, affording her the strength of purpose to make changes within herself, and shaping her into the healthy, strong, self-assured and happy yogini she is today.


Katy Wright ~ Journalist & Globetrotter

team_katy.jpgNimble and strong, Katy is the most impish yogini in the forest – which comes across in the playful exploration of vinyasa flow in her classes and her personal practice. However, beneath this mischievous nature is a steely determination and conscientious intelligence which underpins her work as a freelance, free-range writer and informs her ethical values on life.

Since acquiring her first yoga manual at the age of 17, Katy has furthered her studies under countless teachers, in countless locations – the most pivotal being a tough Ashtanga Teacher Training certification with Union Yoga’s Brian Cooper in 2011.

In 2014, Katy rolled up her mat and set off on a tour of the world. Three years later – having traversed South Africa, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand – she rolled it back up and landed lightly in France, where she’s since envolved to become Lilley’s Right Hand Woman.