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Pregnancy Yoga York: Mondays in Acomb

Monday Evenings 5.15 – 6.30pm

We like Mondays for our pregnancy yoga classes as it sets such a positive intention for the whole week. The class times we’ve chosen allow the mother to be home early, to eat and rest.

It’s been our experience that work bosses tend to be very flexible in allowing expectant mothers to leave work a little earlier for their yoga class (and you may not know it’s a legal right….. See below!) So allow yourself plenty of time to find the venue and arrive in a calm settled state. However, even if you fly in, in a desperate hurry, don’t worry – we’ll soon soothe you.

Come for a free trial class and then pay for every 6 weeks up until your 38th week, after which you’re welcome to attend on a ‘drop in’ basis. Fees are £45 for 6 weeks.

Booking is ESSENTIAL ~

text /call: 07772 706 736 or email us

Acomb Venue. Dance Studio, 8 Regent Buildings, York Road, YO26 -4LT.  (Door to the right of the St Leonard’s Hospice Shop. We’re on the first floor in the Patricia Veale School of Dance. Click here for full location details)

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Pregnancy Yoga York

Pregnancy is quite simply an everyday miracle. It is an extraordinary, wondrous, joyful and often exhausting experience that compares to no other time in our lives. Yoga is ideal for pregnancy as it allows women to maintain health and fitness whilst practising on both a physical and spiritual level. A woman is at her most creative when pregnant – she is also deeply instinctive, enjoying an almost divine-like intuition. Our yoga classes provide space to enable women to connect to their baby as they both enjoy the sensations of practising yoga together. Our pregnancy yoga classes in York  are also a lovely way of meeting a community of like-minded pregnant women.


  • provides an energetic boostpregnancy yoga york 2
  • improves circulation
  • increases calmness and aids sleep
  • reduces and relieves tension and aches and pains
  • keeps the body active, agile and supple
  • strengthens birthing muscles
  • helps relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy (swollen joints, heartburn, constipation)
  • gives you space away from the world to connect to your magnificent pregnant body and baby
  • increases confidence for the birth experience
  • quickens postpartum recovery

When to practise?

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for both beginner students (in fact many women’s first experience of yoga is at a pregnancy yoga class) and experienced practitioners. You may begin our pregnancy yoga classes from after your 20-week scan. Ladies, listen to your internal wisdom. However, the general guidelines are that you:

  • rest during the first trimesterpregnancy yoga york
  • start yoga during the second trimester
  • continue your classes until before birth
  • take up postnatal classes after birth

It’s never too late to practise prenatal yoga. So, whatever stage in your pregnancy, come along and enjoy the benefits of our pregnancy yoga class. “Sometimes,” said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” A.A. Milne

Paid leave for pregnancy yoga York classes

If you are a full-time employee, you may not be aware that you are entitled to paid time off to be able to attend pregnancy yoga classes which are classified as ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parent craft classes’. Exercise your right to this time off work – it may be useful to show your employer the details of these rights which can be found here: Link to PDF on DTI Website – see P.12

Peacock Tree Pregnancy Yoga York – in action!

Can’t imagine what a pregnancy yoga class looks like? You don’t have to – we made this gorgeous time lapse film at one of our classes.

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